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Ultra Violet Light
Water Conditioning System

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The time-tested ultraviolet light technology used in the RCUV water disinfection system will provide many of the same benefits as distillation without removing beneficial minerals from your water. Additionally, unlike chemical treatments, it doesn’t leave behind unwanted residue or by-products that negatively affect the water’s flavor and odor. The system works by bombarding microorganisms with lethal doses of UV light. It is designed for use with visually clear water. Water that enters the UV disinfection system should be filtered to a minimum of 5 microns. We can help determine whether the RCUV Series is the best water treatment solution to meet your needs.

How Does RCUV Technology work


How Does It Work?

1. Installation & Water Entry

The RCUV water disinfection unit is installed in your home’s main water line. Water enters the unit and passes into the stainless steel UV light chamber.

2. UV Light Exposure

The water passes under an ultraviolet lamp that’s centered within a protective quartz sleeve inside the chamber, which is precisely engineered to evenly distribute the UV energy.

3. Effective Disinfection

Waterborne microbes receive short but lethal blasts of UV light, which destroy bacteria and render many viruses harmless. The disinfected water exits the unit, ready for use throughout the home.

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