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R/o System
Reverse Osmosis System


Over 50 years of water filtration experience goes into every RainSoft product available today. The Ultrefiner reverse osmosis water system is RainSoft’s premier drinking water filtration system. Its sophisticated filtration process is designed to ensure that you are receiving the very highest quality water in every glass you drink.

About Reverse Osmosis Systems


In a five-step filtration process, the Ultrefiner uses a pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and a post-filter to extract extremely small particles and take care of almost any water quality concerns you may have. The Ultrefiner installs conveniently beneath your kitchen sink and will supply a generous amount of ingredient quality water on demand through a dedicated RainSoft faucet. And a RainSoft reverse osmosis water system is available in several designer finishes to blend seamlessly with your home dècor while maintaining industry standards of design.

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